I offer reasonable rates and pickup and delivery.

I guarantee my work for 30 days and I will not charge you if I can’t fix your item.

My Policies:

Labor rates at the big shops are running as high as $135.00 per hour.

People can’t afford that, so I wanted to do what I could to help people out which is why I came up with a flat rate pricing scheme for push mowers and riding mowers.

My Initial rates were $40 plus parts and taxes for push mowers, weedeaters, chainsaws, and $80 plus parts and taxes for riding mowers.

But this left me in a position where I had work, but couldn’t afford to buy the parts to fix the equipment, especially when a major repair job came in that took a lot of time, and parts.

So I decided to make these changes as of 26 May 2021.

I will still do a carburetor, or blade job on a push mower for $40 plus parts and taxes and $80 plus parts and taxes for a riding mower.

And I will do a carb replacement on a weedeater or chainsaw for $40 plus parts and taxes.

This way hopefully it will still help people out the best that I can.

All other work will be a a labor rate of $60.00 per hour.

I am located at 914 Hackberry St in Junction, Texas and I offer pickup and delivery to Kerrville, Harper and Fredericksburg and you can reach me at (325) 215-1886 or via email at virgil@vbmower.com